35-hours' Code 95 renewal course

Practical, engaging, useful - an investment. Not an expense.

50% of Estonian professional drivers prefer to complete their advanced training at Autosert. Why?

Because we treat drivers with respect and dignity. We understand the life and needs of a driver. We help the driver to make complicated things easy to understand. With pleasure!

But, you have to take into account that we clarify things thoroughly. And this assumes that you are ready to learn, work together and get yourself into the "wave of learning" again during the course. It's exciting!

Additional information: Liisa Põder (56568599 / liisa@autosert.ee)

Welcome to AutoSert's 35-hours' renewal course. At a completely new level training!

Renewal course is intended for a truck driver or a bus driver whose existing code 95 is going to or has already become invalid and wants to renew it. Every 5 years, 35 hours of renewal course is mandatory.

The 35-hour renewal course can also be done by those who take the course for the first time and their driving license of category C was obtained before 10.09.2009 or category D driving license before 10.09.2008.

We are constantly developing the knowledge and skills of our trainers in the best competence centers in Europe.

  This ensures that:

  • the knowledge we teach is the most reliable
  • the teaching methods we use are the most modern
  • the skills we pass on are the most useful

We have 40 digital tachograph training simulators from VDO and Stoneridge.

Drivers who have attended our courses say that this was their first real tachograph training. Most drivers have learned the digital tachograph on their own or under the guidance of a friend. This has left certain loopholes and the driver can very easily generate a fine when using the tachograph. In the training, we show exactly what happens if the tachograph is not used correctly, but how easy it is to learn everything correctly. Simulators allow you to safely try, experiment, learn and screw things up. You can't in real life.

For learning in the classroom, we have developed an easy-to-understand cargo safety learning module. The trainer uses a special friction coefficient simulator and video tutorials to understand cargo physics. We simply make it clear to the participant what an XL trailer is and how to properly secure the goods with as few straps as possible. The teaching methods have been developed following the example of German educators.

Our code 95 courses are based on four of our strongest competencies:

  • Driver's work and rest time + digital tachograph - unique training on simulators
  • Cargo safety - securing loads quickly, easily, safely - a completely new approach
  • Ecodriving - a critical opportunity for business survival
  • Road safety - a smart driver can improve road safety - You are expected at home.

How long does the training last?

The course lasts for 4 days.
You can also pass the course for truck driver and bus together if you have both driving licences.
You can find the courses in the calendar

How can I get a certificate of competence?

After successfully finished course with us, you have the right to apply for a first or new certificate of competence from the Transpordiamet.
The certificate of competence is made of plastic with your picture and is valid internationally throughout the EU.
An application must be completed at the Transpordiamet and the corresponding state fee (33 EUR) must be paid. Then it takes about 1-2 weeks to receive the certificate of competence.

From 01.06.2018, code 95 will be added to the driving license upon completion of the course, which proves the competence of a professional driver in the EU.
To do this, driving licence must be exchanged at the Transpordiamet (20 EUR).
In this case, it is not necessary to apply for the certificate of competence as a separate plastic.

Learning outcome

Participant of the course:

  • Understands the principles, rights and responsibilities of organized road transport
  • Can prepare high-quality documentation related to passengers and cargo
  • Knows how to use new tachographs
  • Can plan the use of his working time resource according to the driver's work and rest time rules
  • Can influence road safety and work safety with his activities
  • Understands the basic principles of the physics of cargo movement and can use effective solutions when securing loads
  • Can defend himself and stand constructively for his rights
  • Knows the foundations of customer-oriented communication and can behave effectively in different situations

Legislation used in the course:

  • Driver working and resting time rules: in-depth study, EU Regulation 561/2006, Traffic Act Chapter 5.
  • In-depth training on the use of tachographs, EU regulation 165/2014
  • In-depth study of cargo loading according to standard 12195-1:2010
  • Road Transport Act, EU Regulations 1071, 1072 and 1073/2009


Schedule is informational and may differ from this. Check the certain date to see the exact timetable
You will be trained by new age trainers!

In Autosert, drivers are literally trained by trainers of the new era - professionals who know what international transport means.

Our trainers also drive as truck drivers in Europe and know the life situation very well. When you study at Autosert, you talk to practitioners, not theorists.

Most of our trainers go to Europe every year as truck drivers to transport goods, and this is to make the training as useful as possible for you, who needs advice, encouragement, experience and support when taking the first steps and also after the training. Other specialists in their field are also involved in the training.

We have gained work experience in freight transport in Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway and from trips to Ireland-Scotland-England. We pass on our experience to you using modern methods. And most importantly - with joy!

Our team

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