140 hours' Code 95 course for beginner

This is the most practical training for a beginner driver in Estonia!

State-of-the-art vehicles, professional trainers and unique learning methods developed by Autosert - this is why 50% of drivers starting in Estonia do their training with us.

Autosert's 140-hours' course is the fastest way to become a professional driver.

Get started today! Sign up for the training and we hope to say to you very soon: "Welcome to the family of Estonian professional drivers!".

AUTOSERT (Ametikoolitus OÜ) is cooperation partner with Eesti Töötukassa (unemployment office).

Additional information: Liisa Põder (56568599 / liisa@autosert.ee)

Welcome to AutoSert's 140-hours', completely new level, training for beginners!

Who needs to do 140 hours' code 95 course for beginner?

  • A driver who is doing professional training for the first time and who has at least a C1 or D category driver's license.
  • PS! Those whose category C was issued before 10.09.2009 or category D before 10.09.2008 are exempted from basic training, i.e. 140 hours' cours for beginner. They can do 35 hours' renewal course.

The purpose of the beginner's training is:

  • professional preparation of a driver to work as a driver for a fee
  • providing comprehensive knowledge and skills for the driverr's daily activities
  • developing safe and environmentally friendly attitudes for working as a driver

We offer training in two different ways:

  • 140 hours of training, of which 56 hours take place as an internship in a transport company found by the student himself, 84 hours, including 10 hoursof driving with us.
  • 140 hours of training, of which all lessons take place with us.

The course includes special individual driving lessons with a bus or truck.

If you have a CE category, you can take the driving lessons with a Scania S500 - a unique opportunity in Estonia!

Start your life as a professional driver with Autosert!

Each participant receives a valuable driver's starter package:

  • Autosert code 95 training certificate (Certificate of CPC training, code 95);
  • safety belt winder;
  • + discount (-30%) for international forklift driver training;
  • + discount (-50%) for ADR course;
  • + free advice and help after the training (if you have a question, concern, problem - we are always there for you to find a solution).

How can I get a certificate?

  • After successfully completing the training with us, you have the right to request a certificate of competence from the Transpordiamet.
  • The certificate of code 95 is made of plastic with your picture and is valid internationally throughout the EU. An application must be completed at the Transpordiamet and the state fee (33 EUR) must be paid. Then it takes about 1-2 weeks to receive the certificate of competence.

PS! From 01.06.2018, code 95 will be added to the driver's license upon completion of the training, which proves the competence of a professional driver in the EU. To do this, the driving licence must be changed. In this case, it is not necessary to apply for the certificate as a separate plastic.

Your new driving license will be marked with "code 95", which is the symbol of professional driver competence throughout Europe.

Our driver training courses are based on our four strongest competencies:

1. Driver's work and rest time + digital tachograph - A completely unique study in Estonia, one of the most important knowledge for a driver.

2. Cargo safety - securing loads simply, cheaply, effectively. New learning methods and approaches.

3. Ecodriving - an economical way of driving with heavy machinery. Value, which means direct financial benefits for both the company and you.

4. Traffic safety - teaching about survival, saving health and being an example to others.

The excellent acquisition of all these competencies makes you a valuable employee who can charge a higher fee for your work than others.

As proof of this, you have been issued an AutoSert code 95 Certificate.

The 140-hour course consists of three parts:


A total of 74 academic hours, of which:
-6 days of lectures
-2 practical study days: tachograph practicum and in-depth study of load securing/practical bus study day
-1 summary and exam day at the end of the course


A total of 56 academic hours.
-Held in the company (chosen by you):
It's like being a job shadow
Depending on the nature of the company, the trainee can:
- drive with another driver
- read the documentation
-participate in loading goods, etc.
-During the internship, you can also drive yourself within Estonia, if you have a driving license of the corresponding category, your driver's card is in the digital tachograph and there is a instructor with valid code 95 next to you.
- You have to fill in the internship diary, which we send to your e-mail at the beginning of the course.

Drivng lessons

A total of 10 academic hours.
Conducted by our instructor and our machine
Driving times can be arranged individually with the driving instructor

Learning outcome

Participant of the course:

  • Knows the principles, rights and responsibilities of the organization of road transport
  • Can prepare high-quality documentation related to passenger and cargo transportation
  • Can use tachograph correctly and can treat vehicles generally in a prudent and economical manner
  • Understands the nature of the driver's job, work organization, salary policy, legislation
  • Knows the techniques of economical driving and can positively influence road safety
  • Understands the physical forces and risks arising during cargo movement and knows how to use effective solutions for securing and placing loads.
  • Knows the basics of communicating with passengers and knows how to implement customer-oriented service
  • Can plan his working time resource according to the rules of the driver's working and rest time.
  • Has acquired economical and safe driving techniques and technical knowledge of the vehicle

In which:

  • Has completed a company internship for 56 hours
  • Has completed in-depth training on driver working and rest time rules in accordance with EU Regulation 561/2006
  • Has completed in-depth training in the use of analog and digital tachographs in accordance with VDO and Stonerige tachographs and EU Regulation No. 165/2014
  • Has completed the practical training of cargo loading according to standard 12195-1:2010
  • Has completed practical driving lessons for economical driving - ecodriving


Schedule is informational and may differ from this. Check the certain date to see the exact timetable
1. day
Introduction to the course (2)
Working and resting time rules (7)
2. day
Working and resting time rules (9)
3. day
Working and resting time rules, digital tachograph (9)
4. day
Cargo safety (9)
5. day
Cargo safety- practical study (9)
6. day
Documentation (9)
7. day
Traffic safety (9)
8. day
Driver's safety (9)
9. day
Conclusion of the course, exam (4)
You will be trained by new age trainers!

In Autosert, drivers are literally trained by trainers of the new era - professionals who know what international transport means.

Our trainers also drive as truck drivers in Europe and know the life situation very well. When you study at Autosert, you talk to practitioners, not theorists.

Most of our trainers go to Europe every year as truck drivers to transport goods, and this is to make the training as useful as possible for you, who needs advice, encouragement, experience and support when taking the first steps and also after the training. Other specialists in their field are also involved in the training.

We have gained work experience in freight transport in Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway and from trips to Ireland-Scotland-England. We pass on our experience to you using modern methods. And most importantly - with joy!

Our team

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