C, CE category (+ code 95)

C, CE category (+ code 95)


We are the biggest company that offers the best quality and knowledge in Estonia.

Our biggest goal is to keep our knowledge up-do-date and share it with our students.

We offer:

  • C category trainings
  • CE category trainings
  • Code 95 courses

C and CE category vehicles are trucks.

C is without the trailer and CE is with the trailer

First you have to pass the C category training and after that CE category. 

It is not possible to proceed the trainings at the same time.

In order to work as a professional truck driver it is mandatory to pass the Code 95 course.

Once you have the code 95 for C category, it is not necessary to pass the course again for the CE category.

Our trainings are practical, beneficial and engaging

We are energetic and innovative fans of our field

We use modern learning methods and equipment

You can learn in English, Estonian and Russian

We have training permits from Ministry of Education and Research and Ministry of Social Affairs, recognition of MKM

We offer different trainings all over Estonia