D category+ code95

This course is meant for you if you would like to pass the D category training and code 95 course at the same time.

It is possible!

After finishing the course you can start to work as a bus driver.

Our vehicles:

  • SCANIA HIGHER 2016 a – tourist bus, automatic gearbox
  • VOLVO 9700 2012 a. – tourist bus, automatic gearbox

Additional information: Liisa Põder (56568599 / liisa@autosert.ee)

We have decent and high-quality educational vehicles that are good to learn with!

Terms of starting the studies:

  • B category driving licence is registered in Transpordiamet
  • Permanent residence is in Estonia for at least 185 days. Permanent residence is proven by the data of the population register
  • Having a right to drive with B category vehicle at least 2 years (not provisional driving licence)
  • Age is at least 24 years
  • Health certificate for driving the heavy vehicles (from the family doctor)

We have the most practical, engaging and innovative training courses in Estonia.

The course includes:

1. D-category training

  • theory lessons, 40 hours (á 45 min) e-learning
  • driving lessons, 20 hours (á 45 min)
  • using our vehicle on nationa driving exam

2. 140 hours' Code 95 course for beginner

  • theory lessons, 74 hours (á 45 min)
  • practical learning in a bus company, 56 hours (á 45 min)
  • driving lessons, 10 hours (á 45 min)

Read more about code 95 course for beginner


Schedule is informational and may differ from this. Check the certain date to see the exact timetable

Our team

  • Andres Uutma


    • +3725044254
    • andres.uutma@autosert.ee

  • Priit Lilleorg


    • +3725038839
    • priit.lilleorg@autosert.ee

    Cargo safety, traffic safety, eco-driving

  • Kaarin Lukk

    Trainer, TachoScan support

    • +37253237088
    • kaarin.lukk@autosert.ee

    Work and resting time, digital tachographs

  • Vitali Nester


    • +37255577726
    • vitali.nester@autosert.ee

    Work and resting time, traffic safety

Driving teachers

  • Timo Kaljur

    D category


  • Toomas Meiel

    A, BE, D category