A category

A category courses in Tallinn!

We offer 2 different training courses:

  • A2 category, limited power up to 35 kW
  • Category A, unlimited
We do not charge extra for the use of the trainig field or the equipment!
  • We have our own training fields for studying and taking the driving exam - practice and take the exam on a familiar environment!
  • We will give you the national driving exam time yourself!

Conditions for starting the studies:

1. A2 category
A motorcycle with an engine power not exceeding 35 kilowatts or a power-to-weight ratio not exceeding 0.2 kilowatts per kilogram and not converted from a vehicle with at least twice that power.

  • Age at least 17.5 years to start the course. Driving test can be taken 3 months before turning 18.
  • health certificate from the family doctor
  • Theory lessons 10×45 min (e-learning)
  • Driving lessons 10×45 min
  • Training vehicles: Yamaha, Honda

2. Category A
A motorcycle that is not limited by any figure.

  • Age at least 23.5 years to start the course.
  • Must have B category driving licence (not primary)
  • Valid health certificate 
  • Theory lessons 10×45 min (classroom + e-learning)
  • Driving lessons 10×45 min
  • Training vehicles: Yamaha

**Did you know that…

... If you have an A2 category (for at least 2 years), you can apply for an A category even at the age of 20!
... To change from A2 to A category, all you need is to take the national driving exam.

There are 30 theory lessons and 12 driving lessons in the initial education.

In further education, (if you already have a category B driver's license), there are 10 hours of theory training and 10 hours of driving.

Theory training is conducted as e-learning.

We do not charge extra for the use of the trainign field and the equipment!

The first meeting will be take place at Ehitajate tee 110.

Our training field is in Angerja tee 41, Hüüru.

Caring, positivity, support.

We want to offer you a training experience that you have never had before. The kind about which you say that it was a great training and your teacher was the best!

We work to ensure that you would pass the driving exam on the first go!

Driving teachers

  • Heiki Ainjärv

    A, C, CE category


  • Toomas Meiel

    A, BE, D category